Christmas Revision Tips from A PwC Apprentice!

Publish Date: 2023-12-18

Hello, my name is Khadija and I am a Management Consultant Apprentice at PwC, based in our London office. Prior to joining PwC in September 2023, I studied A levels in Psychology, Economics and Geography. I am currently now studying towards CIMA certificate in Business Accounting, in my free time I love to go on walks and spend time with my family and friends!


During my holidays (this time last year) I took first few days to relax and have a bit of ‘me’ time just because it is needed when you are in year 13 and I know how stressful it can be. I did tend to just do some recap on a few recent areas I studied at school/college, or focus on any homework that was set. After Christmas Day, I continued to revise for my mocks after the few days I spent towards myself (I recommend revising at least a month before your mocks for 2 hours a day and then build it up to 4-6 hours a day - whatever works best for you!) it’s important to take breaks throughout your revision and not burn yourself out, I used to burn myself out and it wasn’t good at all! Try the pomodoro technique but do one hour, 10 min break then another hour etc.


  •  I highly recommend doing past papers timed, then marking and see what the mark scheme is looking for - as this is how examiner will mark you, see what your weak areas are and try spend time working on them!
  • Blurting method: get a whiteboard or a piece of paper and try to write as much down as you can remember from a chapter or topic and then see what areas you may have missed out on and also need to work on.
  • It can be tough to balance studying with apprenticeship application or UCAS so I recommend dedicating one day or an hour or two a day to UCAS and Apprenticeship applications, just to save the stress of balancing all of it.
  • One day of your studying week should be a break day, whereby you do things you enjoy, whether it’s spending time with friends or family or even binge watching Netflix!
  • When procrastinating: get off your phone (it makes it worse scrolling through TikTok and seeing how others are revising and you are doing nothing), now put your phone away or give it to someone and ask them to not hand it to you until you have revised X hours, it helps a lot more just getting things done and putting any distractions away, it will make you feel more relieved.
  • Lastly, make sure to not sleep to late or wake up too late, try to get 8 hours of sleep and if you wake up early you are more likely to get revision done and get it done early so you can relax for your evening!

Wishing students the best of luck on their upcoming exams! I know you guys will smash it!


Kind regards,

Khadija Ismail 

Apprentice at PwC UK