Welcome to Young Professionals the UK's #1 schools outreach, attraction and youth marketing brand! We are the market leaders in apprenticeships, work experience and insight day recruitment for some of worlds largest employers.  

We have the largest schools & student network nationwide. According to our clients we are delivering on average 10x better results than other suppliers.  Think about that for a moment, where our competitors may send 20/30 students to your events and online webinars, we are consistently sending hundreds of eager school leavers looking to kickstart their careers across all sectors. 

Young Professionals delivers results every time, puts your brand in front of thousands of students and takes your school leaver opportunities to the next level!









We guarantee to our partners that they will receive a minimum level of offers to their entry level roles. This demonstrate our commitment to your ROI on any early careers activity spend. 

What we can offer you?

We are working with over 2,600 schools nationwide which give us a huge diverse network of students looking for work experience and apprenticeship opportunities.

We have built up a robust and great working relationship with schools that give us direct access to their students so we can promote relevant opportunities for them to apply for!

We have delivered results for all of our clients and shown great ROI on all the activity we have done with them.

Key Statistics Sep 2020 – April 2021:

  • 60,000+ students attended our online webinars / events
  • Hosted over 140 online events since lockdown (insight days, school workshops & virtual work experience)
  • 55% Social Mobility / FSM, 65% Females, 45% BAME
  • 30,000+ school leavers using the Young Professionals App
  • On average 2/3rds of our applications are outside of London
  • Engaged with over 2,000+ schools across England, Scotland, NI & Ireland
  • Insight events at your offices
  • Virtual & Online events (plus coaching calls with prospective students)
  • Access to targeted candidate data in specific locations and sectors
  • Access to the Young Professionals App & platform
  • Reducing your cost per acquisition on candidates through our diverse network of students
  • Teacher & Career Advisor network events
  • Female, BAME & BME focused events
  • Guaranteed hires through our structured mentoring and work ready program delivered to our schools' network
  • Servicing England, Scotland & Northern Ireland
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