Females in the City In-Person Event - Student Review

Publish Date: 2023-12-19

Hi, I’m Melody, a 17 year old sixth former, from East London currently in my final year of studying chemistry, sociology, dance, and IT A Levels. I aspire to become a digital marketing degree apprentice and a highly successful female in the industry. Coincidentally, earlier in the year I had an opportunity to attend this insightful event which provided me with a favourable chance to network with those successful females in job sectors such as business and technology. Here is my take on the event.


Females in power. If you think big, think bigger.


Females in the City In-Person Event with Young Professionals, 05.07.2023.


I was amazed to say the least. Though the interior of this building at the Guildhall was not the purpose of this event, it gave me ideas as to what I aspire to be a part of in the future, to work in firstclass institutions such as these. The arched walls and church-like paintings created grand views of the future.


I was in awe of the large number of not just people in the room, networking, talking, laughing, creating, but seeing only women, in fact over 100 women, coming together and dressing up for the occasion to celebrate ourselves within this society. The pure feeling of sisterhood surrounded me with comfort and aspiring goals as well as empowerment. Taking part in this event provided me with skills needed within my future such as social skills, confidence, independence and understanding.


My favourite moments…


Networking with others and sharing stories, interests, passions, and dilemmas was truly a memorable part of the event for me. I was never considered or seen to be an outgoing, confident person with great social skills or an interactive persona, however being in this hall, with this phenomenal group of women from all different parts of the world, all different backgrounds, lifestyles, characters, really encouraged me to speak up and showcase my worth and values. I felt free to speak my mind and not be restricted to a ‘box’ of words.


Being at this institute prompted my gratitude to be able to be in this position, in touch with women who are at the top of their field such as being in one of the top four accounting firms in the UK, KPMG. This dedication has inspired me to continue my hard work and strive harder to achieve my dream career in the future.




This one is hard to choose from because every single female standing in that room that day not only inspired me, but motivated, taught and stimulated me to be the best possible version of myself that I could be. Just the positive atmosphere that was in the building that day, created by all of these women, gave me nothing but a sense of power and uplifting spirit, with the conversations held, smiles exchanged across the room, and friends made. Though, most of all, the pieces of advice given to us from the leaders of the groups, were the parts of the experience that I took the most away from. The strong, wise words of wisdom will stay with me throughout my entire journey as a woman striving to succeed in the field of technology and to secure my place in the big city. 


As I was sitting near the front row of the large, traditional building, listening to each woman give their top tips on being a female in industry, I was writing down lessons I learned from them on to my notebook, really taking in every bit of inspiration I had heard, however now, without looking at my notebook, there are a few words that come to mind when asked the question ‘what inspired you?’ and these are words that will stick with me through every phase and every journey of my life because not only do I find them wise and powerful, but I also believe that every female no matter what age, should be given the opportunity to have heard these words and to have permanently embedded them into their brains.


‘We as women are compassionate, sensitive human beings but we are allowed to cry if we want to’ just because we are trying so hard to gain equal rights as men within the workplace such as status and acknowledgement, does not mean that we have to behave in their fashion and shove our emotions out of the window. We can be sensitive and successful at the same time. I was taught to embrace my gender within the workplace to show that just because I am a woman, does not mean that I am any less useful to others, in fact we have traits that men do not and should use them to our advantages. Affirmations are something that are so impactful and that will stick with you forever.


We are curious. We are imaginative. We are risk takers. We are high achievers. We are women.


Tips and tricks learned from the event…


  • Stand up strong and be proud of the woman you are.
  • Speak up and be confident, showcase your talents and inform others of your worth.
  • Have big aspirations and do not stop working until you achieve your goals.
  • Listen to your desires, not anyone else’s.
  • Know how to be independent and receive opportunities on your own.
  • Own your thoughts. Own your actions.
  • Take risks, ask questions.
  • Achieve your full potential.
  • Enjoy what you are doing.

All in all, this event was a huge eye-opener for me in terms of what my future could look like if I continue to try my best and give my all into my work. I hope that this blog has inspired some of you to go on to do great things within your lives and reach your potentials. Come back to me when you are living your best life in your dream city and doing the job that you have always aspired to do…

Melody Pukenaite Albay.