Insider Tips from the Mazars Work Experience Event

Publish Date: 2023-09-05

Interview Advice Key Points

For most of the corporate world, the interview is a key element of the application process for an employer to gain a good understanding of the particular candidates they have. The saying that you never get a second chance to make a great first impression is crucial for this, so here are Mazars tips for acing the interview.


  • Getting to grips with the types of questions you may face in interviews

    • Motivational questions - Why do you want to work for us?

    • Employer focused questions - What do you know about us

    • CV & career aspirations - Tell me about your internship.

    • Top tip from Mazars - Take time to practise responding to tricky interview questions. Identify your weaknesses and prepare answers for those

  • Research the company 

    • This could be through websites, social media channels, recent work and news articles.

    • Top Tip from Mazars - Research competitors and think about how their approach differs from this company.

  • Consider Questions to Ask In Interviews

    •  For example about the values of the firm, team dynamics, estimated workload.

    • Top Tip from Mazars - Always ask questions, it shows you are keen and interested.

  • Planning your pre- interview routine 

    • What are you wearing? How are you getting there? Is there anything you need to bring?

    • Top Tip from Mazars - Prepare everything the night before. 

  • Preparing for how you will act post-interview 

    • Take into consideration the whole time you’ll be seen by potential colleagues so stay professional throughout the entire process.

    • You never know who is watching, the same is true for comments online.


Quick Tips for Practising Good Business Etiquette

  • Be kind and approachable to your team members

  • Be prompt, be present and prepared

  • Show up on time, be punctual

  • Communication is everything

  • Respect the people around you

  • Respect your surroundings

  • Hold others and yourself accountable

Ask yourself how can you implement these practices into everyday habits? What is holding you back from implementing these? How can I create changes to carry these habits out?


We hope you enjoyed reading this bite size breakdown of the Business & Accounting Work Experience event with Mazars and we hope to see you soon at upcoming events.


Good luck with your applications!